One meaning, One purpose

Ek Artha is founded by three engineers who have spent the majority of their careers developing technology for non-profit organizations. We are a boutique consulting firm based out of the Chicago area that works solely with non-profit organizations. Our goal is to help non-profits take advantage of technology innovations to further their mission while reducing their operations costs. By partnering with our clients, we listen to their pain points, assess their situations, and pride ourselves on making thoughtful and sustainable recommendations. We are experts at program management, project execution, business analysis, data modeling, data migration, user training, and all the skills necessary for a successful migration to next-generation technologies

We have a distinct approach to our engagements as we take pride in each of our achievements – We are not here to sell you anything, we are here to solve a problem. We partner with our clients, listen to their pain points, assess their situations, and make thoughtful recommendations that are sustainable.

Our clients contact us for IT Assessments, Strategy & Planning, Donor Management, Program Management, Platform Development, project execution, data modeling, data migration, and user training. We help our clients with any skills necessary for a successful migration to next-generation technologies

Our Story

Our 3 founders met in Chicago’s West Loop. They worked together and apart and through a combined 25 years met again and again at the famous Loop. It was here they bonded over a simple common mission.

Together, they discovered a shared calling to help organizations in the best way they knew how: digitally. To improve the technological infrastructure of organizations meant for good in a changing world becoming more and more dependent on digital languages, displays, and frameworks.

Our Mission

Ek Artha is an ancient Sanskrit phrase. It translates to “one meaning” or “one purpose”.

Our one meaning is to utilize our own experience and expertise to aid non-profit socially responsible businesses in advancing their own missions through digital support, counseling, and development.

Our Values

Our mission is the core of everything we do at Ek Artha. Our priority is to do right by our customers and community, and this means compensating for mistakes and upholding our core message of service.  

Customer First
The customer’s best interest is our biggest priority, it stands above any other personal, private, or professional influences of our own.

We are by your side, along the way.

Our approach is slightly different. We want to understand your pain points, assess the current situation, your goals and objectives and develop a strategy that can achieve that. We are here for the marathon!!

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