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Ek Artha provides technology services across the United States. From software development needs to full scale digital transformations, we are ready to help. CRM Services A good CRM allows a nonprofit to be efficient and smart with a 360 Degree view of its’ operations and customers. We can help you implement, scale, or optimize your


The Ek Artha team is constantly innovating to support the needs of our current and prospective clients. We get requests to implement a feature on Salesforce or similar CRM. However limitations may require customizations or tools. At the same time, not all organizations are looking to implement a large scale CRM system and may need


Ekartha can also provide you with staffing solutions for any scenario your company encounters. Contract Staffing for Technology Positions Contract Staffing for Non Profit Support Related Positions Direct Hire Sourcing Assistance Why Us? Ekartha utilizes the same techniques in sourcing for you as the larger guys however our rates are significantly lower and in addition,